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Table 2 The Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Model

From: Corporate sustainability and responsibility: creating value for business, society and the environment

Internal Practices
Environmental Management Human Resource Management Marketing Operations Management
Energy conservation Create and secure jobs Truthful advertising Total quality management
Water use Provide career opportunities Fair Pricing Use of technological innovations
Pollution prevention Training and development Consumer Information Outsourcing unprofitable operations
Environmental protection Employees health and safety customer credit Reduction in procurement costs
Sustainable transport Work-life balance for employees After sales service Pay invoices early or on time
Reduction in carbon footprint   Publish integrated reports Identify inefficiencies
    Minimise inventory costs
    Reduce, reuse and recycle
    Produce safe products
    Research and development
Forge Relationships with External Stakeholders
Regulatory Stakeholders    Suppliers
Comply with legal requirements    Responsible procurement
Engage in dialogue and discussions    Responsible supply chain management
  Shareholders Customers Safeguard human rights
Communities Generate Profit Meet and exceed customer needs Use sustainable materials
Engage in dialogue and discussion    Provide training and CPD
Sponsor education    
Provide training opportunities    
Support local activities