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Table 1 List of Research Participants

From: An emerging economy perspective on corporate sustainability reporting – main actors’ views on the current state of affairs in Pakistan

No. Interviewee Designation Nature of Organization Location
1 Commissioner Regulatory Body Islamabad
2 Director Enforcement Regulatory Body Islamabad
3 CEO Stock Exchange Karachi
4 Country Head Foreign Professional Accounting Body Lahore
5 President National Professional Accounting Body Lahore
6 Partner Management Consultancy Islamabad
7 Director Consultancy Firm on CSR and Sustainability Islamabad
8 Professor Private Sector University Karachi
9 Project Manager Local Environmental NGO. Islamabad
10 Country Head Foreign Environmental NGO Lahore
11 Research Associate Policy Institute on Sustainable Development Islamabad
12 CEO Institute on Corporate Governance Karachi
13 Founder First Enabler of CSR in Pakistan Lahore
14 Manager HR and CSR National Petroleum Company Rawalpindi
15 Head of Corporate Communication Multinational Engineering Company Karachi
16 Manager, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Multinational Chemicals Company Karachi
17 Head of Corporate Communication National Cement Company Karachi
18 Executive Corporate Communication and CSR National Fertilizers Company Lahore
19 Managing Director State Owned Oil and Gas Company Islamabad
20 Executive Finance Multinational Tobacco Company Islamabad