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Table 4 ARDL results

From: Assessing the effects of trade openness on sustainable development: evidence from India

Dependent variable GGDP
Dependent variable CSI
VariablesCoef.P valueCoef.P value
Long run coefficientsLnADR.329 (.68)0.63.378 (.20)0.142
LnGCF1.091 (.12)0.000.81 (.40)0.059
LnTO−.605 (.08)0.000−.50 (0.30)0.001
Short run coefficientsCons.−7.81 (6.46)0.2442.00 (1.54)0.210
LnGCF1.27 (.13)0.0000.84 (0.32)0.001
LnADR.386 (.77)0.6250.39 (1.06)0.971
LnGGDP (−1)−.733 (.12)0.001
LnCSI0.78 (0.98)0.031
LnTO.71 (.14)0.0000.68 (0.019)0.068
Coint. Eq.−1.17 (.12)0.000−.84 (.19)0.000
No of obs.2828
Adjusted R-square.87.41
Root MSE0.0450.010
Log likelihood47.1992.80
  1. Source: author’s own calculation
  2. Standard errors are given in parenthesis
  3. LnTO stands for log of trade openness, LnGGDP is the log of green GDP; LnADR is log of average dependency ratio; LnGCF log of gross capital formation and CSI stands for composite sustainability indicator