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Table 2 CSR in Thai family-run business between 1st and 2nd generation

From: Intergenerational differences of CSR activities in family-run businesses in eastern Thailand

CSR Dimension1st Generation2nd Generation
Part 1: CSR Driver
 Origin of ValuesReligionVery highLow
Personal Ethical ValuesHighHigh
Part 2: CSR Behaviour
 DimensionsFormalisationVery LittleQuite High
Link to BusinessVery LittleHigh
Management StylePaternalisticBusiness Model
ReasonPersonal SatisfactionBusiness Purpose
Part 3: Target and Activities
 EmployeesConcernIncomeEmployee Productive
Reward SystemMoneyCommissions
CommunicationPerson-personAgenda Meeting
Basic NeedsHighHigh
 SocialConcernPersonally JustifiedEconomically Justified
BrandingFamily’s NameBusiness reputation
Religious ActivitiesHighLow
Social SponsorshipLowerHigh
Government needsHighHigh
Join Social OrganisationYesYes
 EnvironmentConcernNo mentionYes
WasteNo mentionReuse, Reduce and Recycle
Natural concernNo mentionSponsorship
Part 4: FRB Owners Expectations
 EmployeesEmployee CapabilityWork HardWork Smart
TrustFamily TrustCommitment Trust
LoyaltyTo OwnersTo Company
Employee’s SatisfactionYesYes
Social BenefitsAccess to ResourcesBrand Recognition
Be Part of SocietyYesYes
 BusinessCustomer’s Trust FocusTrust the OwnersTrust the Brand
Brand Image and ReputationsNo mentionYes
Competitive AdvantageNo mentionYes