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Table 1 Bibliometric analysis protocol

From: A bibliometric analysis of socially responsible investment sukuk literature

1Data collectionWoS: 232 core publicationsTimespan: 2000 to 2019 (May) with keywords/terms (“SRI Sukuk”) OR (“Islamic Sukuk”) OR (“Green Sukuk”) OR (“Sukuk bond*”) OR (“Islamic bond*”) OR (“Green bond*”) OR (“Socially Responsible Investment Sukuk”) OR (“Socially Responsible Bond*”) OR (“Sukuk”)
2Quality checkScopus database235 documents related to SRI Sukuk appeared
3Analysis and cluster identificationVOSviewer53 documents were automatically identified for bibliometric coupling analysis and resulted in three clusters
4Further analysis and mapMS Excel, VOSviewerDescriptive analysis of bibliometric information; Co-authorship of organisation and country; Co-occurrence of keywords; Co-citation maps of cited references, organisations, authors, and journals.
5Cluster interpretationQualitative interpretationAuthors reviewed the titles, abstracts, keywords and agreed to the given name of each cluster
6Taxonomy for future research Interpretation of each cluster was done to detect the future research agenda in SRI Sukuk financing area.