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Table 4 Cluster analysis based on the bibliometric coupling of SRI Sukuk literature

From: A bibliometric analysis of socially responsible investment sukuk literature

ClusterName of the clusterRank of publications based on bibliographic coupling linksProminent references ranked by co-citations across the literatureProminent journals ranked by co-citations across the literatureProminent organizations ranked by bibliographic coupling links
1The nature of SRI Sukuk instrumentsNaifar et al. (2016) [94]Wilson (2008) [242]International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management [837]Universiti Teknologi Mara [821]
Ibrahim (2015) [92]Miller et al. (2007) [172]Borsa Istanbul Review [821]International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) [656]
Maghyereh and Awartani (2016) [70]Beck et al. (2013) [126]Journal of Comparative Economics [679]University of New Orleans [652]
2Competitiveness of SRI Sukuk instrumentsAzmat et al. (2017) [96]Aloui et al. (2015a) [145]Pacific-Basin Finance Journal [2831]Monash University [793]
Nagano (2016) [57]Aloui et al. (2015b) [132]Journal of International Financial Markets Institutions & Money [1392]Universiti Putra Malaysia [455]
Nagano (2017) [53]Cappiello et al. (2006) [103]Energy Economics [1018]Lahore University of Management Sciences [439]
3Determinants of choosing SRI Sukuk instrumentsGodlewski et al. (2013) [56]Godlewski et al. (2013) [263]International Journal of Financial Studies [4401]Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University [1203]
Zulkhibri (2015) [55]Alam et al. (2013) [185]Journal of Banking & Finance [4137]Drexel University [1155]
Klein and Weill (2016) [54]Tariq and Dar (2007) [96]International Journal of Finance & Economics [4076]IPAG Business School [966]
  1. Authors’ estimation: Bibliometric coupling results using VOSviewer software