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Table 5 Summary of future research agendas

From: A bibliometric analysis of socially responsible investment sukuk literature

No.Future research agendas
1The development of SRI Sukuk products and schemes for assisting green innovation in the area of Environmental Science, Chemical Science, Engineering, and Technology.
2Collaborative research to explore the structure, features of Sukuk investment which can be standardised across the country context.
3Can Sukuk bonds be a substitute for traditional bonds?
4The role of Sukuk in the development of macroeconomics indices including equal income distribution, equal access to finance, poverty alleviation.
5How does Sukuk finance might help in reducing carbon, global warming and environmental pollution, maintaining a green environment, developing sustainable green technology in consumer goods?
6Which factors are important in choosing Sukuk instruments over conventional bonds?
7To explore motivational, institutional, Sukuk instrument-related factors from both Sukuk investor and investee perspective.