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Table 3 Descriptive statistics for Dependent variable (Sustainable Business Practices)

From: What motivates and inhibits Indian textile firms to embrace sustainability?

VariablesMeanStandard deviationNMin.Max.
We use recyclable and easily recoverable materials during the design of clothes3.7611.11211315
We have a provision of lending our recyclable materials (organic cotton waste, manufacturing scrap, old clothes) to vendors for further use.3.6331.56511215
We enter new environmental markets to ensure sustainability (e.g switched to organic cotton or sustainable fabrics where water consumption is less)4.0790.67011335
We take initiatives to redesign products to be environmentally sustainable such as to design clothes to avoid or reduce use of hazardous products or manufacturing process.4.1150.71611325
We source locally with a focus on reducing transportation time thereby limiting CO2 emissions linked to the movement of goods thereby limiting of distances traveled for raw materials and finished products4.3090.64111325
We use green parameter (GOTS, Oeko Tex, 100 etc./ certified) as one of the criteria for our supplier selection3.9820.73111325
We execute an environmental audit for the supplier’s internal management4.3450.74111325
We take measures to reduce energy consumption in our plants (e.g energy-efficient lighting, use of solar energy etc.4.4510.68111325
We use of water flow control devices to ensure that water only flows to the process when needed.4.3710.92711315
We follow emissions, effluents and waste management techniques.4.3450.91311315
We use green materials in dyes, additives and other processes.3.9370.90311215
We educate our suppliers about green initiatives .4.0260.91011315
Our chemical suppliers come up to us with green alternatives (e.g use of peroxide bleach as less harmful for textiles)3.6811.07111315
We invest in R&D to explore new sustainable methods to minimize energy generation and waste disposal in production process.4.0790.85711315
We cooperate with our suppliers for fulfilling environmental objectives.4.1760.61511335
We use leftover material for other activities postproduction (disposed water from dyehouse used for gardening, reusing cotton waste for making bags etc.)3.3091.51811315
We have pollution control instruments / measures in place.4.1590.70111325
We have a separate environment management team and professionals3.6541.49211315