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Table 4 Multiple Linear regression analysis

From: What motivates and inhibits Indian textile firms to embrace sustainability?

Multiple linear regression analysis - Sustainable Business Practice index on drivers and barriers N = 109 R2 = 0.750 and barriers (Explanatory Variables)β CoefficientsStandard error
1Regulatory Pressure Index1.120***(0.196)
2Market Competition Index (Ln)0.208**(0.0893)
3Demand from Foreign Buyers1.108**(0.476)
4Managerial Barriers Index (Ln)0.220(0.166)
5Organizational Barriers Index0.239(0.181)
6Lack of Support & information from Govt. comply with sustainable practices0.407(0.392)
7Economic Barrier−1.083**(0.487)
  1. *** p < 0.01, ** p < 0.05