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Table 3 Information about respondents (Adapted from Scholten et al. (2006) – Author’s rendition)

From: Potential applications of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles to mitigate challenges of transport and logistics-related critical success factors in the humanitarian supply chain

Org. TypeRelief operations in (countries)Number of intervieweesInterview modeInterview timePosition held / DepartmentExperience in yearsCountry
IHO A701In-person1 h 39 minInternational coordinator and Logistics head13Austria
IHO B1902In-person1 h 50 minSCM and logistics15/12Austria
IHO C1602In-person1 h 20 minInternational Operations / SCM7/5Austria
IHO D081Skype1 h 12 minLogistics manager8Pakistan
IHO E182Skype1 h 16 minHead of SCM / Field Officer17/9Pakistan
IHO F262Skype1 h 26 minLogistics and coordination manager9/10Pakistan