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Table 7 Summary of respondents’ point of view on UAVs

From: Potential applications of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles to mitigate challenges of transport and logistics-related critical success factors in the humanitarian supply chain

Potential applicationsDrugs dispatch, collection of samples, surveillanceFor life-saving drugs and lighter payloadsIn the affected area to distribute lifesaving medicine, surveillance.Avoid rugged terrain hence saving valuable timeIn Pakistan might be very useful in northern areas (mountainous region)Handy equipment for surveillance, and delivering small aid packages
Foreseeable advantagesOptimization of time and resources, the reliable first informationSave fuel, insurance cost, save operational cost, optimize time, save repair and maintenance cost24/7 usable service, can avoid driving restrictionsLow budget and efficient solution, suitable for surveillance, and first-aid distributionFirst aid dispatch, surveillance, time optimization, low maintenance and easy to deployNo need for transport infrastructure like roads, time and cost-saving option, frequent deliveries
Foreseeable challengesAcceptability among the people is a bigger challenge than technology, repair & maintenance during field operations, insuranceFly over laws and regulations, payload limitations, weather conditions.Vulnerable to vandalism, regulations of surveillance and ethical challenges, harsh weather or extreme winds might be an obstructionPeople might not like drones flying everywhere, government approval and regulations, limited load capacityMight need to build an indigenous infrastructure for using drones like carrying spare batteries or several charging stations, acceptance among peopleLaws and regulations might restrict using it to full potential, less payload capacity, extreme weather, qualified human resource
Expected maturity timeline202020252020202020202025
Would your org. Use UAVs in the future?We have already tried it a few times, and it is an instrumental technology, and we are looking forward to starting using it more often.We think it is a beneficial technology and has more potential compared to UGVs. We will surely use it when it is ready.We see limited options for using these UAVs. However, we believe our organization would surely include UAVs in the fleet.We will certainly use them once they are available and regulators allow its usageOur organization is eager in investing in UAVs as they could be beneficial in disaster response and relief, especially for surveillanceWe will definitely include them in our fleet when the time is right. We see a lot of potential applications and advantages of using UAVs