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Table 2 Global Reporting Initiative Categories

From: Corporate social responsibility in Mauritius: an analysis of annual reports of multinational hotel groups

Categories and Aspect in the Guidelines
Category Economic Environmental
Aspects Economic Performance Materials
  Market Presence Energyr
Indirect Economic Impacts Wate
Procurement Practices Biodiversity
  Effluents and Waste
  Products and Services
  Supplier Environmental Assessment
  Environmental Grievance Mechanisms
Category Social    
Sub Categories Labor Practices and Decent Work Human Rights Society Product Responsibility
Aspects • Employment • Investment • Local Communities • Customer Health and Safety
  • Labor/Management Relations • Non-discrimination • Anti-corruption
• Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining • Public Policy • Product and Service Labeling
• Occupational Health and Safety • Anti-competitive Behavior
• Marketing Communications
• Training and Education • Child Labor • Compliance
• Diversity and Equal Opportunity • Forced or Compulsory Labor • Supplier Assessment for Impacts on Society • Customer Privacy
• Equal Remuneration for Women and Men • Security Practices • Grievance Mechanisms for Impacts on Society • Compliance
• Supplier Assessment for Labor Practices • Indigenous Rights   
• Labor Practices Grievance Mechanisms • Assessment   
  • Supplier Human Rights Assessment   
  • Human Rights Grievance Mechanisms   
  1. Source: GRI Guidelines (2014)