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Featured article: The new silk road and its potential for sustainable development

The new silk road and its potential for sustainable development​​​​​​​China’s New Silk Road (aka Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)) will invest a 1 trillion USD budget across Asia, Africa and Europe. As BRI wants to contribute also to sustainable development, the authors, Peter Seele Christoph D. Jia and Dirk Helbing, argue that only open digital participation of all citizens, corporations and governments and the collective intelligence, collaborative innovation and co-creation will make BRI a global role model for sustainability. By linking BRI with digital infrastructures and corporate data management systems, a coordinated but distributed effort may be achieved with positive effects on social responsibility and sustainability for supply chains, data management, corporate reporting and regulatory issues.


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Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility (AJSSR) provides a platform for research articles on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Development/Management issues specific to the Asian region. In particular, AJSSR values research that helps the audience develop a better conceptual base for understanding sustainability and social responsibility of organizations in the Asian region which have recently paid more attention to these topics than previously.

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