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Table 3 Governance Interactions between the Indonesian State and InPOP: staying in Coordination

From: Friend or foe? The various responses of the Indonesian state to sustainable non-state palm oil initiatives

  Agenda setting Rule formation Implementation Evaluation
  2014 2014–2015 2015-now  
Micro-level No interaction No interaction Dissatisfaction from some state officials with the progress and clarity of InPOP’s programs Not enough information
Meso-level No interaction Coordination to develop the multi-stakeholder forum involving actors from government, development partners, private sector, and civil society organisations
Coordination through division of labour between the Ministry of Agriculture and UNDP
Coordination in addressing issues relating to smallholders, land, HCV, and inter-ministerial collaboration
Further coordination was developed to shift the leadership to the Ministry of Agriculture.
Not enough information
Macro-level Coordination between an international agency (UNDP) and the Indonesian state (Ministry of Agriculture) motivated by awareness of the importance of the state’s role in improving regulation and addressing smallholder issues No interaction No interaction Not enough information