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Table 4 General information about the IHOs

From: Potential applications of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles to mitigate challenges of transport and logistics-related critical success factors in the humanitarian supply chain

Religious affiliationChristianChristianChristianIslamIslamIslam
Pool of employees36,48281,83753,882700011,36121,690
Funds~euro 24.5 million*~ euro 15.1 million*~ euro 63.6 million*~ $ 6.8 million**~ $ 10 million**~ $ 29.5 million**
 ~ Private88%18%17%30%60%80%
 ~ Public11%42%58%40%20%12%
 ~ All other1%40%25%30%20%8%
 ~ Earmarked funds30%40%30%40%N/A30%
 ~Un-earmarked funds70%60%70%60%N/A70%
Main activitiesDisaster relief, endemic and epidemic disease, social violence, and healthcareDisaster response & recovery, development, social inclusion & peaceDisaster relief, children and women protection, HIV/AIDS, etc.Disaster response, ambulance service, women and children aid, etc.Disaster response and recovery, child abuse, and labor, shelter, etc.Disaster response, community service, Polio and HIV control etc.
  1. *Funds only for Austria | ** Funds only for Pakistan | ~ Approximately | N/A No Answer