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Table 3 Top ten cited articles related to SRI Sukuk

From: A bibliometric analysis of socially responsible investment sukuk literature

NoTitle of the articlesAuthorsCitationsMethod
1“Sukuk vs. conventional bonds: A stock market perspective”Godlewski et al. (2013)46Quantitative
2“Co-movement between sharia stocks and sukuk in the GCC markets: A time-frequency analysis”Aloui et al. (2015a)28Quantitative
3“Islamic financial markets and global crises: Contagion or decoupling?”Kenourgios et al. (2016)23Quantitative
4“Linkages and co-movement between international stock market returns: Case of Dow Jones Islamic Dubai Financial Market index”el Alaoui et al. (2015)22Quantitative
5“Global factors driving structural changes in the co-movement between sharia stocks and sukuk in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries”Aloui et al. (2015b)22Quantitative
6“Issues in Islamic banking and finance: Islamic banks, Shari’ah-compliant investment and sukuk”Ibrahim (2015)17Review
7“Introduction to sukuk Islamic debt securities markets”Ariff et al. (2012)15Opinion based review
8“Dynamic transmissions between Sukuk and bond markets”Maghyereh and Awartani (2016)13Quantitative
9“Issuer’s choice of Islamic bond type”Azmat et al. (2014a)13Quantitative
10“Why do issuers issue Sukuk or conventional bond? Evidence from Malaysian listed firms using partial adjustment models”Mohamed et al. (2015)12Quantitative
  1. Source: WoS database